Helping K-12 Educators have
more good days 
& less bad days
"All of a sudden all this pressure, 
that I hadn't even realized was there, got lifted off my shoulders."
Your guide to drastically reducing...
  • Stress: Deadlines, expectations, and anxiety surrounding them
  • Uncertainty: The everyday challenges of what's to come next
  • Fearing feedback: Self criticism and unrealistic expectations
A Bit About Jen Simpson
Jen has worked in higher education and nonprofit organizations for over 10 years. She's struggled with the stress that comes with all the typical educator deadlines and emotional exhaustion from overthinking what could have been done better.

Through years of reading personal development book and watching hours and hours of videos, she's came across something all educators should know: where their experience is coming from and who they really are.

She believes that calm and balanced educators are better equipped to shape opportunities for effective learning. Her approach has helped educators refine their everyday mindset and teaching practices with subtractive psychology

Teachers deal with uncertainty everyday and that's very stressful. But that's part of the challenge of teaching, and there is a way to rise to that challenge. 

Jen can't remove all the pressures, but she can equip you to better respond to any challenge. 

And goodness, you know what challenges we're talking about!