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  • Focus efforts by analyzing, testing, and iterating goals
  • ​Continually improve without the burnout feeling 
  • Feel supported & encouraged to do creative & innovative work
A Roadmap To A Happier School Year
Meet Jen Simpson...

Jen's sister is a 6th grade teacher who is in no way immune to the everyday struggles of teacher life. After a particularly rough teaching year and countless phone calls with her big sis, Jen couldn't help but think...teachers deserve better. 

It's hard to imagine how students can thrive if our teachers aren't also thriving. Meanwhile, PD, ends up being more harmful than helpful. All those unrealistic scenarios can make you feel like a failure when reality sets in. 

Jen's approach has helped educators reshape their mentality and adjust teaching practices with subtractive psychology and a proven approach to student and parent engagement.

When Jen isn't pushing teachers to be imaginative in the classroom, you can find her snuggling with her Boston Terrier, Bruno. She lives and works in the Nation's Capital, Washington, DC.
3 Things Parents Aren't Telling You About Their Student
Sorry to break it to you but if you haven't figure this one out yet...

Not every student/parent/coworker is going to like you.

 And if you get that "I'm going to run out the back door and never come back" feeling at the first sign of feedback...this was literally made for you. 

Instead of asking questions about what you can do better (which isn't really that helpful anyways). Ask questions about them, we call this the Parent Engagement Optimization (PEO) Survey.
Then use that information to get them on your side!