An educator’s guide to a balanced life
I support everyday educators escape emotional exhaustion from the relentless high-priority, school related task epidemic
by teaching them the what, why, and how of social emotional learning.

 So they can then turn around and help students do the same thing. 

Surpass your own expectations:
Reflect and renew your insights, strategies, and tools to identify emotions in yourself and others to have effective, fun, and engaging academic discussions.
Be the catalyst for change:
Are you the educator you've always dreamed of being...the one who achieves even when faced with uncertainty? This vision is within your reach. Focus on self compassion and self awareness to achieve it. 
Meet Jen Simpson
Jen is an educator support coach who believes that invigorated, balanced, and joyful educators create more and are better equipped to shape opportunities for effective learning. Her approach has helped educators refine their teaching practices by focusing on and implementing what works for them. 

The crazy thing is educators know what works. But the constant pressures of everything asked of them gets in the way. 

Jen can't remove all the pressures, but she can provide a research based path proven to generate results. 
How's Your Mindset Today?
Sometimes, all you need is a reminder to shift your mindset. 
Here are 21 common growth mindset moments educators can use to help kids get back on track.