Jennifer Simpson
I believe in a world where teachers feel like rock stars!

I have been using mindset “tricks” to reach my goals since 2nd grade. As a wee 7 year old, I overheard from a very adult conversation that you can learn fast if you fall asleep listening to what you want to learn. 

So, I used my coveted walkman to record myself stating my addition homework and hoped the “shortcut” would pay off as I drifted off to sleep. 

To this day, I am still fascinated with leveraging our brains to achieve success. Thankfully, I refined my approach and have learned a few things since the 2nd grade. 

There is a lot of untapped potential out there...and it is easier to find than you might think. 
Has worked at: Coastal Carolina University, Temple University, International Student House, DC.
Has been doing this since: 1991...but really 2017
Feels the world needs more: Self reflection. Ask yourself how you can be better...instead of pointing out how others could be better. After all, you only have control over you. 
Would have been: A space cowgirl or a witch. The life of discovering something new and magic have always intrigued me.  
Favorite book at the moment: To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink.
Loves to help teachers by: Breaking down their “barriers” into the smallest steps possible...then seeing them take those steps. 

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